Registered Training Organisation (Provider Number 1044)

Delivering Nationally Recognised Qualifications in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria

Delivering tailored training solutions for over 25 years, Rexcel Training is a leadingprovider of Nationally Recognised Training and prides itself on providing quality,tailored learning solutions for Australian employers.

By developing an enterprise specific program or by choosing from the range ofaccredited courses and qualifications available, Rexcel Training can effectively designand deliver learning programs tailored towards maximising your employee’sdevelopment, productivity, knowledge and skills.

Since its inception, Rexcel Training has built and preserved an excellent reputationfor providing training, assessment and recognition practices to a range ofbusinesses. With over 25 years of experience, coupled with extensive knowledge ofmodern business requirements, financial incentive schemes, specialist deliveryapproaches and our commitment to service, Rexcel Training is a leading provider oflearning and development solutions.

Our partnerships with industry organisations, local employers, and national peakbodies ensure our programs are up-to-date and industry responsive with feestructures providing highly competitive education options for employers. RexcelTraining is pleased to provide a range of national training programs utilising variousmethods such as face- to-face, distance, online education and structured but flexibleon-the-job learning through workplace assessment.

Rexcel Training’s philosophy is based upon prompt service, consistent follow-up andanticipation of needs, allowing for the continual development and understanding ofthe clients working environment and culture