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Celebrating Our Graduates Success Story: Daniel Jordan

By 19 July 2021October 15th, 2021No Comments

Supply Chain (Warehousing/Logistics) – 2021

Before I went to Rexcel I was in a very depressed place. I didn’t really have much motivation to do anything really. I have a couple of certificates in ‘Information Technology’ but nothing major. Everything I tried I didn’t have the motivation to do. it’s not that I didn’t believe that I had the skill, it was more that I would get overwhelmed by life and study and education would take a back seat until I was ready to try something different.

I was referred through to Rexcel to help meet my Centrelink requirements as I hadn’t found a job in a long time. I initially resisted going to Rexcel due to having bad experiences in the education system previously. I have a condition called Dysgraphia which has made the education system very difficult to deal with, as it seems other organisations don’t have enough time to deal with someone who learns differently. I didn’t want to go back to TAFE or any education systems after my previous experiences but after one day of being at Rexcel training I knew that it was different.

For me it was the environment that kept me coming back to engage in the content and look for a job. I had never been in an environment before where the classmates and trainers genuinely cared about how I was doing and how I was going with the course, everyone was very eager to help and give me the support I needed.

Rexcel had all the facilities and equipment necessary. Anything I asked for they provided to the best of their ability. For example, at the time I wanted to get a Forklift Licence, which fortunately they were able to provide. They referred me within a week and took me through so much knowledge and made sure that I knew what I was doing. It gave me even more confidence knowing that it was so thorough and that I could pass because of how well it was set up.

After 9 long years of being so depressed and not wanting to get out of bed I was able to get a job, and not only did I get a job, but I got a house and a partner and all sorts of pets. Life started getting better by having the confidence to go find a job and not focus on the rejection or any negativity because I had so much support to fall back on. I persisted and persisted until I got a Job out of it and I’m very grateful to have had the chance to go to Rexcel

One of the biggest highlights for me was the people and the day-to-day structure. Everyone was there because they wanted to be there which is just a completely different environment to any school program. I also enjoyed the daily structure as it wasn’t just working in a book or sitting at individual desks, we were actually involved with questions, practical learning and assessments. Rexcel Staff allowed us flexibility and treated us like adults.

Daniel Jordan
Rexcel Training Graduate, 2020