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Celebrating Our Graduates Success Story: John Fisher

By 19 July 2021October 15th, 2021No Comments

Supply Chain (Warehousing/Logistics) – 2020

When I first begun training with Rexcel, my biggest barrier was the lack of confidence I had within myself. It really effected how I communicated, especially public speaking and even just general conversations with others. Prior to studying with Rexcel, I could not have imagined myself in the position that I am today. I had previously completed a Certificate III in Business, but it still didn’t quite give me the skills or knowledge to know exactly what It was I wanted to do with myself.

I enrolled to study with Rexcel to help me meet my Centrelink requirements but also just for something to do with my life. As I mentioned I didn’t have the skills or knowledge to know where I could work, or what skills I would require to be able to obtain and maintain a job. At 32 years of age, I had never had a job before, and I didn’t know where to start or have the confidence to make the first step.

I just wanted to see if Rexcel could help me to obtain employment. I wanted to see how far I could get with my studies and if it could help me to break down some of my barriers.

Rexcel really helped me to break down my barriers that I had with communication and take the appropriate steps to get in front of an employer, to secure a face-to-face interview. They offered me the opportunity to gain new skills to help me gain employment. With Rexcel’s assistance I was able to gain employment which I have now been able to successfully maintain for the past nine months.

Rexcel showed me what the warehousing industry was all about and helped me build and tailor my skills sets to keep employment. They helped me to focus on what I could achieve and use those skills to maintain employment.

I was able to successfully gain a skill set, which let me to gain full time employment which I have been able to maintain for nine months.

The biggest highlight was that I had the opportunity to meet new people, which helped to break down my barriers that were preventing me from progressing in my career. It really helped me that the trainers had faith in me, which helped me build my confidence and gain full time work. They helped me to learn new skills sets and break down my barriers.

Rexcel Training helped me gain employment, working as a pick and packer for a large food processing company. I have been working now for nine months full time and am really enjoying it. The employer has been extremely supportive and teaching me new skills to perform other duties in the warehouse, I couldn’t be happier.

John Fisher
Rexcel Training Graduate, 2020